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Tammany Hall in Sydney

January 2013: One or two reminders of what happened while the Bob Carr cats and kittens gambolled about the rotten boroughs of the Victorian-era New South Wales parliamentary circus until late March 2011. Unsurprisingly, O'Farrell's parliamentary party bears similar ineptitudes. And in 2013, these misbehaviours and misappropriations of the public revenues has become the Canberra road show.

The personnel of these revenue-funded patronage rings fail to comprehend effective national security elicits exacting audit in the hands of the reserve imperial powers.


 Tammany Ring: "Who stole the people's money?"

"'Twas him."



* Later, During the hearing, Ms Sneddon's barrister, Rohan de Meyrick, described [the convicted drug dealer and child molester, the NSW ALP MP Milton] Orkopoulos as ''the enemy who had the premier [Carr] on speed dial'' and noted that Nathan Rees, who went on to become premier, was Orkopoulos's chief of staff ''until moments before this all became public''. Mr Rees was transferred to the premier's office three months before the allegations surfaced and has denied any prior knowledge of them. SMH 3.06.11.


* Emblematic of the failure of Labor's 16 years in office was public transport, and for that the blame rests squarely with Bob Carr. SMH 29.03.11


* According to a former senior NSW Labor minister, the gross corruption of the ALP commenced during Carr's leadership. The Australian. 29.03.11


* Labor has become such a captive of powerful vested interests that it no longer represents its traditional base among blue- and white-collar voters. It's embarrassing to see them grovelling in front of developers, publicans, gambling operators and insurance companies and falling over each other to attend boardroom lunches and become snitches for the American embassySun Herald 27.03.11


* "The fake how-to-vote cards falsely indicate that Liberal voters should give their second preferences to the Labor candidate, Noreen Hay," Ms Black said. SMH 26.03.11

YESTERDAYS: MP Matt Brown, NSW Police Minister, in his office at Parliament House Sydney, with many other Crown officers present, dropped his pants and declared: "Look at this, I'm titty-f...ing your mother" [Noreen Hay] whose daughter was present. Daily Telegraph 12.09.08


* Gone at long last the touts and urgers, the cheats and liars, the knaves and bullies and developers' hustlers, the spongers and careerists, the back stabbers and branch stackers, the underpants dancers and shiraz-pickled lunchers and expense account rorters and porn-sniffing web surfers - all that rabble of fools and incompetents who brought this once great party to its knees in NSW: SMH 26.03.11


* Following a string of scandals possibly unrivalled in the Western world: corruption, pornography, drugs, gay sex romps, marital infidelity – the Labor government of New South Wales has them all: UK Independent 25.03.11


*  WHEN Glenn Rubbo, 40, arrived at Lismore Base Hospital he thought he was suffering from a bad ear ache. Six hours later he was found lying motionless in the hospital carpark. Within 24 hours, he was brain dead. Police are investigating the case after details emerged that the hospital's emergency department was over-run with patients on March 1. DT 25.03.11


* THE discredited former NSW Labor minister John Della Bosca has broken his silence on rumours that the former premier Nathan Rees and his staff monitored Della Bosca's communications and revealed his extramarital affair to the Sydney media. SMH 25.03.11


*  That day comes for the people of NSW tomorrow when we go to the polls and finally oust one of the most wretched and incompetent governments this state - indeed, this nation - has ever experienced. An era of poisonous factionalism and stagnancy will be over. Good riddance to it. Daily Telegraph editorial 25.03.11


* Ray Hadley investigates the Kogarah MP Cherie Burton story. He plays audio from Channel Nine confirming she was involved in a car accident in 2005: 2GB audio 23.03.11


* Labor's four terms in office were due to the intelligent political management and priorities of the former premier, Bob Carr,  writes Carr's secretary and Keneally staffer, Graeme Wedderburn: SMH 21.03.11


* ''As soon as Labor came in it introduced new policies which were soft on student visa fraud,'' he said. ''Some of these boarding houses are turning over $3000 to $4000 a week, so it's a very big black economy. Organised crime has moved into this economy, co-ordinating with organised crime in China … Not everyone with a student visa is a student. Some use the system to come here and operate as sex workers. Some students are forced to become sex workers because they are on a debt bondage system, with a debt of $40,000 to $50,000": SMH 21.03.11


* From debauched office parties to sex and drugs sessions, corrupt conduct, rorting, poisonous infighting and plain mismanagement and ineptitude - the list of sins behind NSW Labor's decline and spectacular fall: Sunday Telegraph 20.03.11


* THE Premier, Kristina Keneally, has mounted a vigorous defence of the controversial Barangaroo project and the leading role she has given to the former prime minister Paul Keating. SMH 19.03.11


* Former Wran government minister Rodney Cavalier attacked the Premier in his Southern Highlands ALP branch newsletter. He wrote that Ms Keneally knew nothing about the NSW constitution and nothing about basic political process. "Keneally has come over as clueless. The perception is the reality. Keneally is a lemon. She falls well short of the standard required for an effective premier. She is the weakest premier since Tom Lewis [1975-76]": DT 19.03.11


* ... what is now recognised as the worst state government in the nation’s history: DT 18.03.11


* State Treasurer, Eric Roozendaal, appointed NSW Labor Party officer Michael Williamson, a secretary of the Health Services Union, to the State Water Corporation three days before the government entered caretaker mode. Roozendaal also appointed a former senior executive at Macquarie Bank, Michael Lilley, to the State Water Corporation. SMH 18.03.11


* CATHOLIC bishops have warned the faithful against voting for the Greens in the state election, saying their policies were of ''grave concern''.  A two-page document entitled The Green Agenda is being circulated by Catholic agencies and through schools. The document was signed by 10 NSW bishops including the Sydney Archbishop, Cardinal George Pell. SMH 18.03.11.



* ONLY one spare adult medical or surgical bed will be gained from the state government's $1 billion renovation of Royal North Shore Hospital, an extraordinary meeting of the hospital's doctors has heard. SMH 17.03.11


* That we have an American woman as Premier has done nothing to change this culture that revolves around a strong sense of mateship formalised in a robust factional system, profanity-laden denunciation of opponents internal and external, and covert deal-making with threats to ostracise or destroy anyone who challenges or exposes the deal. DT 15.03.11


* Bob Carr had two brave moments, the first the police royal commission and staring down unions on workers compensation. But he did nothing about property developers and hoteliers' perverting influence on the party, and policy. DT 15.03.11


* Mr Carr said Labor had not taken his advice for the past five years and he believed they had not done enough over the four-year term to sell the Labor Government's achievements. "Crime is coming down ... there is a Harbour bursting with cruise ships and there was also a bustling arts culture in Sydney." DT 15.03.11

NSW hospitals have double the rate of deaths >>


* Think about it. We have a premier at odds with her party machine as well as most of her ministers, backbenchers and candidates. She seems obsessed by the political threat to her leadership from Transport Minister John Robertson who is attempting to win the lower house seat of Blacktown. SMH 13.03.11


* Today the Premier will reveal a re-elected Labor government would add 230 new police officers and establish a permanent squad known as the ''outlaw motorcycle gangs unit'' to target bikies and their criminal associates. SMH 13.03.11


* "And, as grim as it is to say this: be sure to follow up on the child who has gone quiet, who is out of character, who is withdrawn, because you can no longer assume that that child is protected:" Premier Keneally SMH 11.03.11


* It's the office of the Premier of NSW. Cries ring out as Kristina Keneally's staff gather around her. "Attack, attack, attack, you go, woo hoo!". Before doing battle in Question Time, Kristina likes to be "psyched". "She likes to be ready for the battlefield," says one aide. Daily Telegraph 11.03.11. 


* FORMER senior NSW Labor minister and aspiring premier Peter Anderson bullied and victimised staff, breached rules to appoint people with Labor connections and claimed inappropriate expenses, a scathing report into corruption allegations at Macquarie University has found. The Australian 9.3.11


* I write this not out of spite but out of love for our state and its future.It pains me to say it, but it is really the most dysfunctional, dishonest and incompetent government we ever had in this state. Franca Arena. SMH 07.03.11.


* SERIOUS allegations of bullying within WorkCover will continue to be investigated internally despite the head of the agency and its staff maintaining that this is inappropriate, an inquiry has found. SMH 04.03.11


* A confidential document obtained by The Sunday Telegraph reveals huge consulting fees allocated by the Keneally Treasurer Eric Roozendaal to former Carr government minister Kim Yeadon [$423,000], ex-Department of Premier and Cabinet director-general Col Gellatly [$363,000] and John Dermody [$624,968] who worked with State Forests. ST 30.01.11.











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